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Global Academy Of Investment And Wealth Management (Canada), referred to as GAIWM. It is a well-known training brand in the field of investment and wealth management in North America and even around the world. Since its establishment, GAIWM has been committed to providing high-standard and ground-based practical training courses for financial practitioners all over the world. Over the years, GAIWM has been providing wealth managers with both political integrity and ability continuously. At present, it has become the industry leader and widely acclaimed.


The Academy was founded by a group of far-sighted North American wealth management pioneers to promote the development of the wealth management industry as a fundamental mission. It emphasizes the combination of theory and practice. By implementing high standards of training systems and teaching systematic practical courses, the professional skills of practitioners have been greatly improved and the duties and obligations of wealth managers can be shouldered earnestly. After years of development, it has set up three series of financial management courses, such as financial planning, wealth management and family office, for wealth management practitioners to adapt to the local needs of mainland China. Therefore, the majority of Chinese wealth managers can receive more international, integrated, and comprehensive vocational ability training, in order to help them provide customers with more pertinent and broader wealth management services, thus promoting the further development of China's domestic wealth management industry.


With its strong management ability, GFHG officially took over the exclusive right to use and manage of the training materials of Global Academy Of Investment And Wealth Management (Canada) in Asia and Europe on May 27, 2018, which not only strengthens the GFHG training business development foundation, but also sets an important milestone for GFHG to become the largest high-end financial training institution in Mainland China.

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