Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer Ms. Lee Chun Wong 

Ms. Wong has 15 years of experience in the international financial industry. She is familiar with overseas financial investment instruments and is good at global asset allocation, family trusts and asset management of high-net-worth clients. She has assisted some famous family consortia in Hong Kong in asset allocation and management. 


Non-Executive Director Mr. Tony Wannacott

Mr. Tony Wannacott is a Canadian qualified corporate and securities lawyer, and also an expert in cross-border mergers and acquisitions with over 15 years of experience. He has been directly involved in the listing and equity transactions of several companies, with a transaction amount of US$750 million, helping companies successfully raise more than $3 billion.

Non-Executive Director Mr. Angus Sigurd Irvine, 

Mr. Angus Sigurd Irvine served as the managing director of FXCM Group UK, the world's largest foreign exchange trading platform. He held senior management positions at ODL Securities, Typhoon Option Fund and other well-known brokerage firms. He is familiar with various financial instruments such as foreign exchange, derivatives, funds, and bonds, etc. He also has profound and unique insights into investment transactions.

Shenzhen shi Jifu Education Information Consulting Co. Ltd.

(A wholly-owned subsidiary of GFHG)

General Manager Ms. Liu Chunmei

Ms. Liu Chunmei, one of the advocates of wealth management industry in Mainland China, Chartered Wealth Manager, who has more than 10 years of experience in financial industry. She has worked in several well-known foreign companies and is expert in company’s management structure, corporate culture, marketing, employee incentives, and internal training.